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The human body needs roughly 10mg per day of dietary zinc. The mineral may be obtained from red meat, seafood, whole grains, dairy products & supplements. Zinc deficiency is associated with numerous diseases.

Reference: NIH

ELITE Selection Screen We have the capability to help you track your order from arrival to shipment. This is available through our ELITE (Electronically Linked Information Tracking Entrance) System. Once you have logged in, you can check the scheduled completion date for any order on our yard. You can also print copies of invoices, bills of lading, accountability check-offs, and pictures of the completed orders loaded on the truck before it leaves our yard (pictures are usually only taken of trailer loads, not small jobs). You can search through your orders by job number, purchase order number, or even over a date range. This data is kept on our server for several years so that you can access this information to answer questions from your customers for an extended period of time.
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